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Crafting Excellence in Every Command

Welcome To Granite Mountain Dog Training

Board and Train

Our Board & Train program is a fully immersive training program designed to help your dog learn essential commands and manners, as well as address unwanted behaviors.

Group Lessons

Our group weekly lessons offer a unique opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, fostering a relationship built on trust and understanding.

Private Lessons

(Phoneix Metro Area Only) Private weekly lessons for you and your pup can have numerous benefits! Our lesson packages offer different options to suit your needs and goals. 

Discover the Ultimate Dog Training and Puppy Training Experience

We help Dog Owners learn to pair formal conditioning concepts with clear communication tools to achieve their Dog Training Goals.

Form a Strong Relationship

Owners can master the Dog Training tools and techniques to become the leader your dog is looking for based on clear communication and respect. 

Training for a Calm State of Mind

Owners will learn how to tend to their dogs behaviors, reinforcing positive habits and extinguishing unwanted ones, in order to cultivate a calm state of mind.

About Us

With over 8 years of professional dog training experience and thousands of dogs trained, Chantel has been serving dogs and families across the State. She loves caring and connecting with dogs and creating everlasting relationships with Balance Training. She has a sensitivity that dogs gravitate to that enables her gain their confidence and allows her to easily train all dogs with great effectiveness


Chantel’s expertise lies in managing a wide variety of behavioral issues through effective communication and boundary-setting. Her extensive experience includes rehabilitating unadoptable dogs from across the state in Shelters and Rescues. Chantel has worked with an array of breeds and ages, ranging from Pet Dogs to High Drive Working K9s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at or schedule an Introduction call on Setmore if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Yes, we accept all major credit card companies for payment.

  • Phoenix, AZ 
  • Prescott, AZ 
  • Las Vegas, NE
  • Salt Lake City, UT

Our trainers Service 30 miles around these areas if you live outside the area you would need to travel towards your trainer. 

We get great results and you can check out our Youtube Channel to view all the different dogs that have gone through our program.

We are all tools training company, We utilize all four Quadrants of Operant Conditioning, which is a scientifically proven training method, also know as  “Balance Training”. Which means use both rewards/positive reinforcement to encourage behaviors we like and corrections to set boundaries and discourage unwanted behaviors. We utilize positive reinforcement with markers and rewards to teach commands and training tools to create the stability in commands and off leash freedom. 

No, we do not use “shock collars”. We use E Collars have chosen to use the Mini Educator made by E-Collar Technologies which is one of the only humane blunt stimulus options on the market!

The Mini Educator E Collar is designed to provide a low-level, non-harmful stimulation that is adjustable in intensity and duration. It is not a shock collar but rather a tool to communicate with your dog, providing clear and consistent feedback to help them learn and improve their behavior. Overall, we believe in using humane, effective, and safe training methods that prioritize the well-being of your dog.

The beauty of E Collars lies in their unparalleled adjustability to suit every dog’s unique needs. We can effectively train with minimal physical force – even less than what’s typically required with a traditional leash. With E Collars, dogs learn to associate the sensation of the collar with a specific action and quickly learn how to turn it off. Regardless of age, breed, or behavior, E Collars have proven to be the most versatile training tool that produces results while minimizing stress on dogs and their owners.