Meet The Trainer

Chantel Kepler - Owner

With over 8 years of professional dog training experience and thousands of dogs trained, Chantel has been serving dogs and families across the State. She loves caring and connecting with dogs and creating everlasting relationships with Balance Training. She has a sensitivity that dogs gravitate to that enables her gain their confidence and allows her to easily train all dogs with great effectiveness


Chantel’s expertise lies in managing a wide variety of behavioral issues through effective communication and boundary-setting. Her extensive experience includes rehabilitating unadoptable dogs from across the state in Shelters and Rescues. Chantel has worked with an array of breeds and ages, ranging from Pet Dogs to High Drive Working K9s. She has honed her skills by working alongside Trainers specializing in Protection, Detection, Tracking, Trailing, Competition Obedience, Touch Training, Conditioning, and Reward-Based techniques. Additionally, Chantel has furthered her understanding of Canine Psychology and Behavior through formal studies.

Her Dogs

Chantel personally owns 5 Dogs. She has a 8 year old German Shepherd, named Tacoma, Three working Belgian Malinois, Cairo, Cypress and Lockette, German Short Hair Pointer, Sterling being trained in Detection work in hopes to breed in the future.